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We have included a list of Frequently Asked Questions below which will hopefully give you the information you require.

How much does it cost to join Wigan & District Speakers Club? We are a not-for-profit organisation so any money we collect is used to cover our costs and contribute towards membership benefits. The subscription fee for membership is calculated annually based upon the number of registered members and the cost of overheads. The 2018/2019 subscription fee is £62.

How often does the club meet? We meet twice a month throughout the speaking season, on the first and third Thursday of each month. As our speaking season is between September and May we would expect to have between 16 and 18 meetings per year.

What if I'm not sure Wigan & District Speakers Club is suitable for me? We are more than happy for you to attend a couple of meetings so that you can decide for yourself whether the club is suitable for your needs. We charge £5 per meeting, though if you do decide to join our club we deduct any money already paid from the subscription fee - meaning you will not pay more than £60 for a full years membership.

What if I'm too nervous to speak at a club meeting? Then Wigan & District Speakers Club sounds like it may be able to help you overcome these nerves. You are welcome to attend a couple of meetings as a guest and will NOT be forced to participate if you would prefer to simply observe.

What if I am already an accomplished Speaker? Then Wigan & District Speakers Club would welcome you. No matter how much experience you have you will always be able to pick up some new advice. Also, you will no doubt gain satisfaction from being able to advise and evaluate other members with less experience.

How can I join Wigan & District Speakers Club? The best way of joining would be to email us and we will contact you to confirm the date of our next advertised meeting.